Bio PicBorn and raised in Canberra, Australia, Christian de Looper has been interested in tech his whole life. He has written for a range of blogs and websites, including small blogs, and larger magazine-style tech sites. Christian is also the owner and editor-in-chief of, whch combines his love of music with his love of passion. Websites that Christian has written for include the likes of TechRadar and Digital Trends, with which he writes in depth news stories, reviews, and opinion pieces on all the latest tech trends.

Christian fell into writing about technology somewhat by accident. He moves to the U.S. in 2012 to study at McNally Smith College of Music, and as a new U.S. resident, he didn't have a drivers license to get to a part-time job. Working at home sounded like the best way forward, so he started writing for smaller tech blogs, then working his was up to the likes of Digital Trends.

Of course, Christian hasn't given up music entirely -- he still acts as a mixing engineer and music producer with a range of top-quality musicians and artists. He has worked on everything from rock, to rap, to pop.

Christian strives to do the best he can at everything he does and that ethic plays a big role in his writing.